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NASNPRO Member Swag Bags

The National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASNPRO®) is a membership-based organization focused on education for estheticians. We offer support through conferences and educational articles, a magazine, and a community. It's all FREE or at a low cost to attend. Our Streaming Network for Estheticians who Love Education is only $5 per month and we have FREE swag bags monthly to give away thanks to NASNPRO sponsors and attendees at our Spa Conferences. The programs, broadcasting and shipping costs are funded by member support in the way of BUYING NASNPRO SWAG!  Use this page to connect with ALL the swag opportunities, and tag us when you show it off!


Want To Buy Some Swag?

Our National Aesthetic Spa Members love to support the organization with our branded NASNPRO Member swag... Here are some items you may like. All proceeds will support the National Aesthetic Spa Network's supply of educational resources!

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We give a HUGE swag bag away each month and some random swag winners, too!

Our sponsors (visit here) give amazing products each month, such as the swag bag seen here. Your swag bag will be different each month


Subscribers to NASNPROtv: The Streaming Network for Estheticians get 2x the monthly entries!


Check our Instagram or NASNPROtv for announcements.

Our reach of over 45,000 Professional members and 10,000 Licensed pros in our Watch Party Group, and multiple winners monthly-- we have a TON of exposure opportunities in your brand's future! Apply to be in our NASNPROtv Swag Program and think about being featured in an episode of NASNPROtv to reach an even broader audience. 


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The Streaming Network for Estheticians who Love Education

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