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Blanket of Blessings for Estheticians
  • Blanket of Blessings for Estheticians


    Bless Your Estheticians! 

    Includes a FREE Membership to National Aesthetic Spa Network and a FREE Month Subscription to NASNPROtv

    For over 4 years we have had a swag shop that wasn't public that we could buy gifts for our members from. We gifted mugs, shirts, hoodies and most popular-- our Blanket of Blessings! These were in some swag bags, and some were sent with love to estheticians who needed a hug.


    It was requested recently to purchase one for someone who needed a hug and our team thought-- how about we offer this as a way to support NASNPRO educational resources and fulfill a need for love in our network. So, now, you can gift this blanket of blessings to an esthetician who needs a hug (YOURSELF INCLUDED) because this is not just any blanket. It's a "BLANKET OF BLESSINGS" from our hearts to yours to wrap yourself in empowerment from a network of 50,000 collaborative estheticians ready to send love and hugs and warmth and mentorship,  just as if your NASNPRO family was there to hug you in real life. We love you #WeAreNASNPRO We wrap you in blessings and abundance with this BLANKET OF BLESSINGS! 


    P.s. It's so soft!

    • 100% polyester
    • Soft silk touch fabric
    • Printing on one side
    • White reverse side
    • Machine-washable
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Flame retardant


    Made for @nasnpro National Aesthetic Spa Network NASNPRO®

    All rights reserved

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