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How to Find Post-Graduate Esthetician Education

Congratulations on being an Esthetician! Embarking on a career in esthetics is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for growth and success. As you begin this new chapter, continuing your education and expanding your skills is crucial to standing out in the competitive beauty industry. One invaluable resource for estheticians looking to enhance their knowledge and grow their business is NASNPRO (National Aesthetic Spa Network). Here’s how NASNPRO can support your professional development:

NASNPRO: Your Go-To Resource for Continued Learning

NASNPRO offers NASNPROtv, a streaming network designed specifically for estheticians. Whether you’re between appointments, enjoying a break, or unwinding after a long day, NASNPROtv provides a wealth of educational content at your fingertips. Tune into episodes covering the latest industry trends, advanced techniques, and expert interviews. This digital platform ensures you can continue learning and stay inspired, regardless of your schedule. Did we mention the swag bag program!?

Esthetician Education from NASNPROtv

Attending in-person conferences is a fantastic way to gain hands-on experience and connect with industry leaders and peers. NASNPRO hosts several conferences throughout the year, featuring workshops, demonstrations, and seminars. These events are perfect for learning new skills, discovering innovative products, and building a network of professional contacts. The knowledge and connections gained at these conferences can be instrumental in growing your business and enhancing your expertise. offers a treasure trove of online blogs and articles that keep you informed about the latest developments in the esthetics field. From skincare tips and product reviews to business advice and client management strategies, the content is tailored to help you thrive in your career. Regularly reading these articles can provide you with fresh ideas and insights to apply to your practice.

NASNPRO Membership: Free Connections to Esthetician Education

NASNPRO also offers a member rewards portal that provides various benefits to its members. You'll find savings on industry starter orders, marketing, and even travel savings (we want you to come to NASNPRO, rent a car and hotel, and make it a work trip!)

How to Get Started

  1. Visit Explore the website to discover all the resources available. Sign up for membership to access exclusive content and benefits.

  2. Watch NASNPROtv: Start streaming episodes that interest you. Make it a habit to watch regularly and take notes on new techniques and tips.

  3. Attend Conferences: Check the schedule for upcoming conferences and register for those that fit your interests and availability. Prepare to engage, learn, and network.

  4. Read Blogs and Articles: Bookmark the blog section and read new posts regularly. Share interesting articles with colleagues and discuss how to implement new ideas in your practice.

  5. Become a NASNPRO Member... It's FREE.

For Esthetician Students and everyone in the esthetic industry, finding esthetician education has become easier with our NASNPROtv Guides.

By leveraging the resources offered by NASNPRO, you can stay ahead of industry trends, enhance your skills, and build a successful business. NASNPRO’s comprehensive suite of digital and in-person learning opportunities ensures you have the support you need to thrive in your career. Embrace these resources and watch your expertise and business flourish.

For more information and to get started, visit Happy learning, and best of luck in your esthetics career!

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