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Need More Education?

The National Aesthetic Spa Network for Professionals (or NASNPRO for short) has been providing world-class education since 2004 with events geared towards estheticians and treatment professionals who crave in-depth aesthetic information & modality education that just isn't available anywhere else. Each year, our NASNPRO Sponsors, speakers, members, and team travels to event locations around the United States to meet in person and share the best of the best esthetics has to offer!

However, in 2020, our digital education offerings got an UPGRADE and now for under $20 per year, you can get aesthetics on-demand education when you want it and all the replays you can handle!

YES! A year-long access pass is only $19.99 (for 2022 when sponsors have generously subsidized the cost of this platform for you!)

Denise R. Fuller, LE, founder of National Aesthetic Spa Network, curates episodes for you specifically with the same passion that she curates her in-person workshops. To get the MOST that our speakers have to offer, select a NASNPRO EVENT (~$99-159 per ticket) near you or near a location you'd like to visit and grow together in person, and also subscribe to NASNPROtv (~$20/year)to attend virtually & gain access to our video library.

Want to TRY our virtual education before you buy? Click here for FREE access to Stephanie Holvick, RN teaching an episode to spa professionals on how to grow your clientele using LIVE VIDEO! (Come on... you know this is one topic you need more education on for your spa business!) Click here to watch.

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