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Holiday Stress? Get NASNPROtv Holiday Bundle of Joy

Holiday Kits? Promo offers? Winter skin?

Don't stress... We got you! Our Holiday Bundle of Joy: Spa Edition is a series of episodes (eight to be exact!) focused on helping you through this holiday season, and LOVING them in the future...because they're a great way to promote retail, get new clients, and have some fun!

NASNPRO Members, Experts, Mentors, and Formulators have come together to put you at ease. Included in this HOLIDAY HELPER bundle on NASNPROtv is our Retail Sales, Holiday Kits, Winter Skin, and Industry Update episodes from Ryan Christopher, Jennifer Crable, Stephanie Holvick, RN and also featuring Chanel & Kristina from Arcona Skincare, bringing science to the party! We've compiled a plethora of education where you'll find rewatchable episodes with GOLD for your spa business. Offered to YOU as a NASNPRO Member at $2.

Yes. Just two. One for us and one for you (One supports NASNPRO Spa Events, and one supports NASNPROtv subscription to make this platform so great!)


*If you're a subscriber, you should already have access to this bundle... take a look.
Let us know what else you'd like to see on NASNPROtv

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