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A Beautyville Waxing Disaster Forces Newly Licensed Esthetician to be a Waxing Diva using NASNPROtv

Once upon a time in the bustling town of Beautyville, there was a freshly graduated and licensed esthetician named Lily.

Lily, with her shiny new certificate gleaming brighter than a polished mirror, was ready to take on the world of beauty. There was just one little problem – Lily had never actually waxed anyone. She had somehow managed to graduate without getting up close and personal with a wax strip. "No big deal," Lily thought, "how hard can it be?"

A New Beginning ... or just the beginning?

Eager to start her career, Lily set up her own little corner in a local salon, complete with a wax warmer and a rainbow array of wax beads. She had absolutely no clue what she was doing. Her first client, Mrs. Higginbotham, wanted a simple eyebrow wax. Lily confidently slathered on the wax, but when it came time to pull... let's say Mrs. Higginbotham left with one less eyebrow than she came in with.

Word of Lily's waxing woes spread through Beautyville like spilled glitter. "Is she using the wax to glue things together?" asked one client. "I heard she tried to wax a client's leg and ended up waxing the floor," chuckled another.

Just when Lily was considering a career in something far away from hot wax, she stumbled upon NASNPROtv, the Streaming Network for Estheticians Who Love Education. It was like finding a treasure map in the world of beauty. With a sparkle in her eye, Lily dove into the world of educational videos, learning the art of waxing from the masters themselves. Masters such as Alexander's Aesthetics who had supplied a channel full of WAXING tips and tricks for people just like her!

She learned about the right temperature for wax, the perfect angle to pull, and how to calm the skin post-wax. She practiced, oh how she practiced!

She waxed teddy bears, willing friends, and even considered her cat (but thought better of it).


Soon, Lily was back at her station in the salon, armed with new skills and a newfound confidence. Clients started to trickle back, their curiosity piqued by Lily's remarkable transformation. Mrs. Higginbotham even returned for her other eyebrow, declaring, "Well, if you can learn to wax like a pro, I can learn to forgive!"

Lily's waxing booth became the most popular spot in Beautyville. She was known for her swift, almost magical waxing techniques, leaving clients smooth and happy. Every time she smoothed wax onto a new client, she whispered a thank you to NASNPROtv and the team at Alexander's Aesthetics for helping her educate herself to success. She thanks the network that turned a waxing disaster into a waxing diva.

Waxing Education from Alexanders Aesthetics on NASNPROtv

And so, Lily lived happily ever after in her little corner of the salon, forever grateful to the streaming service that empowered her to succeed, one strip of wax at a time.

Then she came back to watch the business education because, with all this success, she wanted to expand!

The end is never the end... there's always another episode. #ThisIsNASNPROtv


This article was written by NASNPROtv Producer @NerdInCharge, a Creative Director with Your Marketing Team at Facets of Hospitality

Facets of Hospitality produces NASNPROtv for the National Aesthetic Spa Network


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