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Hello NASNPRO Rockstars & Warriors of Beauty!

All things new in 2022 and that means we're back with NASNPRO Monday


NASNPROtv will air the first Monday* of each month of 2022 with a live WATCH PARTY of new and enriching aesthetic workshops & episodes with topics you won't find anywhere else. 


What is NASNPROtv?

One of the most exciting educational platforms that licensed skincare and spa professionals will experience. Created in 2020 out of a need to see each other safely through a pandemic and brush up on our aesthetic science... We now have 60+ curated episodes available to WATCH ON DEMAND.  

NASNPROtv is FREE to watch & win during our monthly WATCH PARTIES, but subscribing gives 24/7 access. Our education is Sponsored by the National Aesthetic Spa Network vendors & partners. 


As always, our mission is to:

Learn, GLOW & Network together but this way we can do it with unlimited seats and with chai in hand!


Watch exciting and engaging episodes on topics such as The Art of the Pre-Sale, Chemical Peels, The Future of Esthetic Diagnostics, and more... 


Denise R. Fuller (2).jpg
What is NASNPRO? 
Our name, NASNPRO, stands for National Aesthetic Spa Network for Professionals. We are an organization that started in 2004 as the Florida Aesthetic Network founded by Licensed Estheticians & instructors, Denise R. Fuller and Janet McCormick. These spa industry luminaries wanted to create an inclusive forum for neutral education in a relaxed environment among professionals in the spa industry. 

What does National Aesthetic Spa Network offer? 
  • Industry Education for Business Growth & Aesthetic Science Understanding via VIRTUAL NASNPROtv & In-Person Spa Conferences
  • Savings and Reward Offers from the biggest names in beauty, travel discounts, business rewards, & more
  • FREE Educational Episodes of Aesthetic Class ON DEMAND | WATCH NOW
  • FREE Forum to engage with mentors & network with other professionals to grow your business. 
  • FREE Education via our BLOG from the mentors you LOVE
  • FREE Print Edition of NASNPro to event attendees (Limited Edition) digital copy available to all
  • A welcoming & loving community for all esthetic PRO's to GLOW

​ALL OF THIS And Much More is offered to NASNPRO members who choose to engage... the choice is yours. 

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