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Hello NASNPRO Rockstars & Warriors of Beauty!

On the cusp of our 20th year, we've partnered with some amazing companies to bring you some amazing things! 


NASNPROtv will be an upgraded subscription from your ALWAYS FREE NASNPRO membership. 24/7 education that you love at nasnpro events online at any time. when you come to a nasnpro event in person, you get a true recharging experience unlike any other, but when that's not available, the National aesthetic spa streaming network for estheticians (or NASNPROtv) is here for you!  


What is nasnpro?

One of the most supportive membership organizations you'll ever find, and it's made by and for estheticians. Visit our main site, for all the information and member portal. This TV site is a launch pad of information and opportunities to provide you more access to all that the entire NASNPRO organization has to offer! We started in 2004, National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASN) and we handed out a PROgram at our events, so we later trademarked NASNPRO® and use that as our name but never forget the 44,000+ licensed members who make up our organization and all the standards, beauty & skill they stand for! #WeAreNASNPRO  

Did you know we host monthly FREE watch parties to join in on the fun at no extra cost from your FREE NASNPRO membership? 

1. You must REGISTER (Free to do)

2. You must be in our group (Free to join also - You'll get instructions to join after you register) 


As always, our mission is to:

Learn, GLOW & Network together but this way we can do it with unlimited seats and with chai in hand!


Um... and if you've ever gone to a NASNPRO Spa Conference and seen our swag bag giveaway baskets at the end of the day.... you'll LOVE our monthly SWAG BAG GIVEAWAYS from our National Aesthetic Spa Network Sponsors and Partners who LOVE you and want to help you succeed. We love gifts.... Tag us if you get one! Learn more here:


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