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NASNPRO.tv produces dozens of exclusive, original series on esthetic, wellness, alternative healing, and spa topics. These original shows are informative and inspirational and On-Demand Esthetic Education. Never wait to watch, just click an episode and watch here! Or visit our YouTube Channel (Subscribe to get notified of new episode drops!) Click here

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Microneedling & Dermaplaning with Elaine Sterling & Nicole Cocuzza

S2:E16 68 Minutes

State of the Skincare Industry with Denise Fuller & Michael Tompkins

29 Minutes

Season 2 

Free Aesthetic Education for A New Year! 2021 brings abundance & enlightenment to aesthetic professionals everywhere! #ThisIsNASNPROtv

Transformative Malachite and the cortisol connection, with Candace Noonan

S2:E13 20 Minutes

6 Strategies For Staffing Your Spa with The Salon Gurus

Karen Hodges & Janet McCormick

S2:E14 30 Minutes

Emotional Skincare with Master Aromatherapist, Jimm Harrison

S2:E10 29 Minutes

Managing Skin Imperfections with Stephanie Holvick

S2:E11 55 Minutes

Herbal Medicine Meets Corrective Skincare with Emily Fritchey

S2:E12 54 Minutes

Vajacials & Ingrown Hairs

with Monique Waters

S2:E7 44 Minutes

Marketing & Beyond

with Jennifer Bley

S2:E8 23 Minutes

Plasma Poration with Joy Small

S2: E9 35 Minutes


with Sonia Barrow-Connerly

S2:E4 29 Minutes

Brain Limbic System

with Linda Gulla

S2:E5 27 Minutes

Treating Acne & Couperose Skin via Ultrasound with Naomi Cauger

S2:E6 36 Minutes

Back to Our Roots

with Sherine Bichara

S2:E1 21 Minutes

Successful Selling in the Beauty Industry with Jaclyn Luongo

S2:E2 37 Minutes

Is Your Retail Partner Holding Out on You

with Candace Noonan

S2:E3 28 Minutes

Welcome to the First Season of NASNPROtv - FREE Aesthetic Education on Demand brought to you by the National Aesthetic Spa Network. Watch and Share your favorite episodes. #WeAreNASNPRO

Season 1 

Digestive Health Dysbiosis with Linda Gulla

S1:E18 15 Minutes

Virtual Consultations for Estheticians with Adriana Wroth

S1:E17 36 Minutes

Myths vs. Evidence in Skincare with DANNÉ 

S1:E16 39 Minutes

Create Your Prosperity Plan for 2021 with Tasha Chen

S1:E15 38 Minutes

Treating Atrophic Acne Scars with Candace Noonan

S1:E14 43 Minutes

How to Help Detect Melanoma in the Treatment Room with Stephanie Holvick

S1:E13 30 Minutes

Gina's Platform with Gina Rivera

S1:E12 33 Minutes

Compromised Skin with Barbara Devlin

S1:E11 32 Minutes

Removing the Brand with Restorative Ink

S1:E10 34Minutes

Future of Esthetic Diagnostics with Margi Winn

S1:E9 43 Minutes

The Art of the Pre-Sale with Kaelin Jutras

S1:E8 34 Minutes

Aromatherapy & Aromacology with Caitlyn Kendall 

S1:E7 36 Minutes

Pivot to Peels with Ryan Christopher 

S1:E6 28 Minutes

The Smiley Principle with Jennifer Bley

S1:E5 35 Minutes

Reversing Aging with Whole Foods

S1:E4 40 Minutes

How to Attract More Clients Using Live Video with Stephanie Holvick

S1:E3 40 Minutes

Healing Money Trauma with Tasha Chen 

S1:E2 60 Minutes

Are You Ready for Abundance with Tasha Chen

S1:E1 60 Minutes