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NASNPRO Masterclass offers a more in-depth learning opportunity. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in the learning experience & dive deep in this open-space discussion with world-class experts.



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A day of education excellence in Atlanta, Georgia at the COSMEDIX Headquarters. A half-day NASNPRO MASTERCLASS at Cosmedix Headquarters to learn about Aesthetic Science, Marketing & more...

Lunch & Swag Bag Included!

Keynote Speaker

The power of sleep for health and manifesting the life of your dreams!

Dr. Jackie Kilraine


"What if I told you there was something you could do that is proven to increase your lifespan, make you feel happier and more joyful, accomplish more with ease, boost your immune system, heighten all your senses, give you a great night's sleep, protect your brain from memory loss and it was so simple you could do it with your eyes closed? Would you do it? Oh, and did I say it was FREE?"

Dr. Jackie Kilraine is highly skilled at solving complex problems using a very individualized
approach. This approach is designed to restore energy, remove fear, regain clarity and help clients look and feel ten years younger.

She is the Director of Neurotechnologies at Apeiron Zoh and the CEO of Expressing Optima and and her non-profit, The Free Brain Initiative. She is certified in
neurofeedback and epigenetics. She is the author of the Expressing Optima journal which is part of her Rediscovering You program and co-author of The Codes of Longevity.

Rediscovering You is designed for women to reclaim their joy and passion and to live life to the fullest to enhance their own life as well as the lives of those they love and serve.

Dr. Jackie is the proud mother of 3 amazing boys and shares her home with her dogs Luna and Stella and 3 curious cats. She loves to do anything outdoors especially if it involves

What I do is precision-based care designed to help women regain their health and rediscover their joy in life, restore energy and begin every day with a lust for life. I use neurotechnologies and epigenetics as well as the art of imagination and gratitude. My Rediscover You program is for 6 weeks and includes neurofeedback which optimizes how the brain responds to the environment. No more laying your head down at night and can't shut your brain off, overthinking, focus and attention issues, worry, chronic pain, the list could go on. We give you your epigenetic blueprint designed to optimize your health in the areas of nutrition, sleep supplementation, athletic performance, hormones and detox, and the environment. This is all drug-free and the results stick.

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Hyperpigmentation Masterclass


Anthony K. Robinson

Anthony K Robinson has been in the spa/beauty industry for almost 30 years. He possesses licensures in Esthetics, Massage Therapy, and Cosmetology in five states. For 12 years he has been a Licensed Esthetics Educator.  His love for people, making them feel good and extraordinary is his calling. As a Regional Educator with Cosmedix, he feels he is privileged to help create a dynamic and inspiring educational environment for Cosmedix’s spa partners.

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Marketing Masterclass


Stephanie Gallo-Holvick

Stephanie is the owner of RN Faces LLC and founder of The Skin Classic. 

Hosted By


Denise R. Fuller

Licensed Esthetician- Florida

Founder, NASNPRO

Author & Consultant

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